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"Boy, did you ever shine at UC! Your stories and your authenticity really resonated with our students and I continue to hear positive feedback ...

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Why Hire Gina?

Gina gets it.

She's low-maintenance, high-reward.

Do you just want to "hire a speaker" or do you want someone who will leave your audience transformed? Are you prepared to answer the tough questions that lead to transformation?

Using humor, stories, and good old-fashioned authenticity, Gina inspires your audience to raise the bar and leap over it.

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Songs When You Just Need…

In no particular order, here are a handful of songs to help smooth off the rough edges of your day or simply recharge your batteries: Vienna (Billy Joel)Baby Grand (duet with Billy Joel and Ray Charles)Amazing…

My 5-Minute Protein Shake

Add the following ingredients in the order shown to a high-powered blender: 1 cup water1 scoop vanilla protein powder1/3 cup oats (not the quick-cook kind)1 teaspoon fish oil (healthy, but not required)2 handfuls fresh…