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I Really Miss My Microwave

Do you ever have it where all your appliances start going out at once? This month alone, I've had to replace a coffeemaker, almost an iPad (till I went on YouTube and found an easy fix), and now the dang microwave. Last month it was the laptop. Something tells me the toaster oven is next, but it won't talk.

I liked my old microwave. But for whatever reason, it gave out a couple of weeks ago, and since the fan had given out more than a year ago (only the turbo boost worked), I decided not to even try getting it repaired. After doing a bit of research online, I went down to Home Depot last Friday and bought the new one. It'll be here this Saturday.

I really, really miss having a microwave. And not for broccoli. Mainly for my Massage Envy neck wrap. I can put the wrap (cold) around my neck and pretend it's helping, but I promise you no one's fooled.

What appliance or other electronic device would be hardest for you to do without?

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