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21 Quick Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

When we were kids, whose idea was it to let us bob for apples? Who thought that was a good thing to do? Recently I read this hilarious article (I don't think it was meant to be hilarious) with the following tip: "If you can't stand the thought of dunking your head into dirty water, then bobbing for apples isn't for you." No kidding!

So forgive me if this list does not include "bobbing for apples" (or bobbing for anything). With that said, which of the following are your favorites?

21 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

  1. Cider and donuts
  2. High school/college football games
  3. Marching bands
  4. The back-to-school energy we all get, even if we're not in school
  5. New school supplies
  6. Waving to kids on the schoolbus
  7. Trick-or-treaters
  8. Pumpkin cheesecake (pumpkin-almost-anything)
  9. Bike rides through the autumn countryside
  10. Cooler nights/better sleeping weather
  11. The fall colors, in all their raging beauty
  12. The decisive crunch of leaves underfoot
  13. The smell of burning leaves
  14. Cheaper rates at your favorite hotel, without the crowds or mosquitos
  15. No snow yet
  16. Candles
  17. Sweatshirt weather
  18. Homemade soup
  19. Cozying in at home
  20. Caramel apples, in all their sticky goodness
  21. Thanksgiving
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