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21 Quick Reasons to Smile

In case you felt rumbling last Tuesday, it was not another earthquake—it was me tripping over something silly and doing a body slam into my living room wall. Smooth.

You know it's time to regroup when you find yourself reactive or tense—tripping, for example, or craving cigarettes when you don't even smoke. Given everything going on last week, it's understandable we would all be on edge. Yet that's precisely when we most need to find what's right with the world.

What would you add to this list of things to smile about?

  1. A junior scoop of your favorite ice cream (though not right before bed, or it will mess with your sleep)
  2. A deeply restorative full night's rest
  3. Sharing a special bond with those who, like you, have been hosed royally by Windows 10; breathing a sigh of relief once it's all fixed
  4. Texting with a friend or loved one, just for fun
  5. Hearing the birds sing
  6. Turning on the car radio in time to hear a favorite song
  7. Mailing a real birthday card—on time, no less
  8. Sending or receiving a surprise care package
  9. Giving blood and having it go lightning fast (the nurse said it's because I drank plenty of water—I think it's because I brought headphones)
  10. Nailing a difficut deadline
  11. A compliment from a stranger
  12. Good news from the doctor's office
  13. Gorgeous, sunny weather (take that, El Nino)
  14. Folks who care enough to level with you when you need it
  15. Slippers
  16. Your favorite chair
  17. Lunch plans with a friend
  18. Laughing boisterously with an old co-worker over something only the two of you could find funny
  19. Clean, cozy sheets
  20. Friends with whom no words are necessary
  21. Sunrise

As I wrap up this Pep Talk, I'm listening to Aswad's 1988 single, "Give a Little Love." It's the only song I know that's both optimistic and realistic. I invite you to turn it up. I invite you to make this your best week ever. If not now, when?

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