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21 Things to Stop Feeling Weird About

One of the gifts of getting older is you learn to care less (in a good way) about what other people think. You learn to cut yourself more slack. Next thing you know, you're giving others more slack. What's not to love?

21 Things to Stop Feeling Weird About

  1. Getting a second opinion.
  2. Taking something back to the store.
  3. Accepting a compliment. Or giving one.
  4. Saying no, especially when it serves a bigger yes.
  5. Deflecting nosy questions.
  6. Crying at sappy movies.
  7. Accepting a second helping.
  8. Letting the call go to voicemail.
  9. Using your vacation time.
  10. Taking a mental health day. Or just taking a break.
  11. Saying something when your friend has spinach in his teeth.
  12. Asking the tough questions.
  13. Enjoying a hot dog (or other indulgence), guilt-free.
  14. Keeping to yourself on airplanes—or at the gym.
  15. Buying that thing you worked really hard for. No need to explain yourself.
  16. Singing in your car.
  17. Maintaining high standards, even if others protest.
  18. Asking for help. Accepting help when it's offered.
  19. Unplugging from social media—or even from a particular person on social media. You're not doing it "to" them. You're doing it for you.
  20. Trusting your gut.
  21. Telling someone how much they mean to you.

Speaking of Appreciation ...

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One of the gifts of getting older is you learn to cut yourself more slack & give others more too.

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