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21 Ways to Make November More Memorable

Could your motivation use a boost this month? Here are 21 suggestions for how to make November count:

  1. Vote.
  2. Start and end each day with gratitude. Watch what it does for your outlook.
  3. Support an organization that serves meals to those in need.
  4. Reach out to someone who's without a loved one (or a job) this year. No need to do anything heroic. Just let them know you care.
  5. Unless you enjoy it, skip the pandemonium known as Black Friday.
  6. Plan a personal day to take the edge off holiday stress.
  7. Hire someone to help you with errands. When in doubt, start with Yelp.
  8. Got kids applying to colleges? Celebrate when all the apps are done.
  9. Set a small but meaningful fitness goal. Examples: Walking with a friend once a week, or participating in a holiday fitness challenge at work.
  10. Clear out one area of your home or office: your sock drawer, your desk drawer, your medicine cabinet, whatever. #CheaperThanTherapy
  11. Just in case, stock up now on over-the-counter meds—and maybe your favorite soups.
  12. If you haven't yet done so, consider getting a flu shot.
  13. Need a holiday haircut? Book it early. You'll be glad you did.
  14. Find a way to make the shorter days more bearable. Something as simple as a candle from CVS (seriously) can add a little warmth and charm.
  15. Start a new tradition—or bring back an old one. Movie night, anyone?
  16. Cut your loved ones some slack this season.
  17. Invite them to do the same for you.
  18. Write a note of thanks to someone who's not expecting to hear from you.
  19. Attend an interfaith Thanksgiving service. Be a good and gracious guest. If you're hosting, go out of your way to help others feel welcome.
  20. Treat yourself to a new pair of slippers.
  21. Send a care package to your local children's hospital—not so much for the kids, who tend to get loads of holiday gifts, but for their exhausted parents.
That last one. I haven't done it but I will. If you call the pediatric floor nurses' station, they can tell you where to send or drop off donations. With a few simple toiletries, a few words of encouragement and maybe some chocolate, you can brighten someone's entire day. Why not be the one who does?

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With a few words of encouragement and maybe some chocolate, you can brighten someone's day. Will you?

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