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7 Timely Tips to Make Life Less Stressed

Can you believe we're already near the end of October? Here are seven tips to help you end this month—and start November—feeling stronger, healthier, more organized, and in control.

  1. Get your flu shot. I know. Flu shots are not foolproof. And you may have your own reasons not to get one. But if your life is anything like mine, you know you're better off getting one than going without.
  2. Schedule your holiday haircut. It takes all of five minutes, right? Set it, forget it, and give yourself a high five for planning ahead.
  3. Do one December task early. Maybe it's getting in to see your dentist. Or taking in your car for maintenance. Why not get the ball rolling this week? It's one less thing to do when snow flies and traffic picks up.
  4. Take something off your December list. For example, it's a great day when we realize we don't have to send Christmas cards/holiday cards. We don't have to bake cookies. Knowing we have options is itself a great stress-reliever.
  5. Review your password(s). Most of us could make our passwords stronger and harder to guess. Free services such as LastPass can help.
  6. Schedule a personal day. Has it been more than six months? Then you're definitely due. The sooner you plan this day, the longer you'll have it to look forward to.
  7. Treat yourself to better sleep. Daylight Saving Time will end before we know it (Sunday, Nov. 6). Here are three ways to ease the transition: Cut back on afternoon caffeine, invest in a new pillow, and steer clear of electronics right before bed.

    Bonus tip: The Savvy Rest Natural Shredded Latex Pillow from Mattress to Go (America's Home of Beducation®) is the best I've ever owned. I may be biased because I've known the Mattress to Go owner, Jeff Scheuer, since preschool. He sent me two of these pillows last summer. What's nice is you can customize them to get the fit you want.

Whether you invest in a new pillow, a new password, or (shameless plug) an Ultimate Reminders® book, make this last week of October fun and memorable. Make it serve you for the rest of 2016. To your health and brand new week!

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