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9 Cures for 'The Mondays'

Even if you love your life, you might not always love your Mondays. One Monday when my own energy was dragging, I came up with this list to get life back on track. May it help you jump-start your Monday—and make the most of the brand new week.

  1. Put on your favorite music. Everyone has at least one song or band that totally transforms their mood. What's yours? Once you've found your sound, you're ready for Cure #2.
  2. Stretch. Move. Repeat. In the morning or before a workout, go for dynamic stretches (not the kind where you stretch and hold). There's something energizing—even addicting—about waking up your body. Just remember that stretching should feel good.
  3. Write down your top 3 to-dos. Better yet, write down everything on your mind. Then tackle your top three, no matter how small. You can get through your whole day this way—one to three items at a time—and get more done than if you had given everything equal priority.
  4. Ditch the Monday meeting. I'm convinced that Monday-morning meetings are a chief contributor to Monday blues. In fact, you can find countless studies online refuting the wisdom of Monday meetings. Even if you're not the boss, why not politely suggest a different time frame?
  5. Eliminate one or more energy drains: anything from a leaky pen to a bad habit. The bigger the drain, the more energy you get from letting it go—and replacing it with something better.
  6. Conquer an unpleasant task. Last Saturday, for example, I cleared my desk for the first time in a week. Talk about a mood-lifter. What untold benefit is hiding behind one of your unfinished tasks?
  7. Find the humor. Chances are you'll remember the humor long after the event. For example, back in the '90s (and I have no idea where this came from) I wrote down these words from my friend Patti: "Buy bigger underwear!" And though I would never say that in a speech, there's some real wisdom in that metaphor. We all need to loosen up now and then.
  8. Take time to improve someone else's life. How hard is it to give someone a smile, hold a door, or otherwise say and do something helpful? The world needs all the positive energy it can get. Especially on a Monday.
  9. Acknowledge what is working. There's a great scene from the film Shadowlands where Joy drags C.S. Lewis to the Oxford sunrise festival. Amidst all the commotion, C.S. Lewis proclaims, "It's pagan, it's vulgar, it's all faintly silly, but it works." And Joy replies, "Sunrise always works."

Unless there's an emergency, here's what also works: what the late Bryce Courtenay called "bum glue." I know, because I used it to bring you this Monday-Morning Pep Talk.

Stretch. Move. Repeat. There's something energizing—even addicting—about waking up your body.

Gina DeLapa

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