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9 Ways to Lighten Your Load This Summer

My dentist and I have differing opinions of the drill. I say the noise is obnoxious. He says "That's the sound of my life's passion." Last week in the chair, I asked "Are we using the drill today?" He said "The whole symphony."

Summer's Here—No Bad Vibes Allowed

Dental work aside, I wrote the following list of ways to lighten up this summer and remind myself who's in charge of making it happen. For what it's worth:

  1. Look in the mirror. The person you see is the one most in charge of maintaining your good summer spirits.
  2. Take breaks where you can. Where would it feel good to scale back this summer? My own list includes anything involving a needle, a name tag, or serving on a committee.
  3. Take more time for silence. It's good medicine we too often forget.
  4. Wear more comfortable clothing. Life is too short for shirts that itch, shoes that pinch, or anything that doesn't breathe.
  5. Say no to overscheduling. For example, I know someone who allowed his child to pick one summer sports league, but not two. Where could saying no give you more freedom?
  6. Soak up the daylight. You'll be glad you did, even if it's just strolling through a farmers market or walking around the block.
  7. Honor a fun family pastime. A friend of mine in Michigan gathers with her family on the porch each night to watch the fireflies. They've even found ways to bring more of them into their yard. These simple joys often make the best memories.
  8. Take a three-day weekend. Maybe more than one. There's something fun about just having it to look forward to.
  9. Enjoy time at home. Give me a cool breeze, some good music, and no pressing deadlines, and I can enjoy cleaning the kitchen. How often do we forget to slow down long enough to enjoy our own home?

Take time this summer to slow down often, catch your breath, and savor as many moments as you can. And if you do need to go to the dentist, you might want to take yourself out afterward for a milkshake. It helps.

Take time this summer to slow down, catch your breath, and savor as many moments as you can.

Gina DeLapa

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