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Better Year Without the Burnout

Did you start this year with high hopes? I did. I had all these plans for how 2018 was going to be peachy-keen and quasi-perfect. Then came January 2.

You know it's time to slow down when you wake up feeling edgy and behind, and your feet haven't yet hit the floor. So after a few deep breaths and a good cup of coffee, I started taking notes. If you find any of these helpful, why not share them?

3 Ultimate Reminders for a Better Year

#1: Boiling the ocean is overrated. You may find it more motivating to start each day with one to three smaller goals. When you narrow the focus, you increase productivity and accountability. You also get more opportunities to cross things off your list. And it helps you hit your long-term goals.

#2: Every day is a new start. It's not as though your whole year is shot because you missed one morning at the gym or didn't go to bed on time. Life happens. Learn from it, take a few notes, and move forward. You got this.

#3: When your sleep is good, life is good. And everything else from exercise to decision-making is that much easier. But it can take a lot of discipline, fine-tuning, and trial and error to get the sleep you need, consistently. Keep at it. Whatever time or energy you invest will pay off all day, every day.

And the Opposite of Fulfillment Is ...

Not underachievement, but burnout: that sense of being overworked, undervalued, out of control, or out of sorts. Even if someone else is the source of our burnout, it's still up to us to change it—one tiny step at a time. What better way to make 2018 more memorable and fun?

When your sleep is good, life is good. And everything else is that much easier.

Gina DeLapa

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