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Bring On the First Full Week of Fall

What is it about fall that puts such a pep in our step? It's like an extra shot of espresso, without the jitters. Whatever that boost is and wherever it comes from, what could we do—starting this week—to make it count? A few ideas:

Jot down everything you would like to accomplish yet this year.
I know—it sounds sort of overwhelming. You don't have to do it all. But why not explore your options? Your list might include big things (take one key competency to the next level) and little things (get your kitchen knives sharpened, which I just did—can't believe what a difference it made). But if your life is anything like mine, you get more done when you work from a list.

Find your fall theme.
Maybe it's speaking up more. Or simply increasing your energy. More often than not, life tells us our theme—watch for what lights you up when you think about it. Whatever your chosen theme, give it your attention. Sometimes it's better to make major strides in one area than average progress in several.

Have you ever noticed how clearing clutter helps you breathe better? There's something therapeutic about going through your medicine cabinet, for example, and pitching everything that's expired—or no longer needed. Likewise for our kitchen cupboards.

Need more inspiration? Download the free PDF, 10 Tips to Clear Your Clutter.

Enjoy some good comfort food.
Here's one of my fall favorites: Chicken Piccata. It's easy to make and it really hits the spot—especially if you serve it with linguine topped with butter, parmesan, and a crack of fresh pepper. Maybe add a side of steamed broccoli for good measure. You will also find this recipe in Ultimate Reminders for College Students.

Form one new habit or ritual.
What one habit would add the most to your quality of life? Getting more sleep? Having more time in the morning? Think of how good it will feel to build this into your routine. Don't give up if it doesn't come easily. Good habits often don't.

Relive a favorite summer memory.
Yes, it's good to move on. But it's also good to look back to see what you gained, what you accomplished, what you're most proud of, and what was just plain fun. Not only is this process fun (and free), it leaves clues for how to get even more enjoyment from your time, going forward.

Make time for something fun and memorable.
Ever have a last-minute opportunity that's too good to pass up? As you read this, I'll be wrapping up a weekend that included family, friends, and my first Michigan State football game in over a decade. Who knows when or if that chance will come again? Likewise, when something exceptional comes your way—a concert, a ballgame, or just time with a loved one—don't let something less important rob you of the gift.

I'm off now to make my fall to-do list. Let's make it a great week!

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