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Could Your Mornings Use a Tune-Up?

If you want your whole day to go better, take a new look at how you spend the first waking hour. This could be your opportunity to reclaim your good morning mood. If a lifelong non-morning person can do this, anyone can.

And I'm using the term "hour" loosely. Take as much or as little time as your circumstances allow, even if it's 15 minutes. The point is to carve out some time each morning for yourself.

3 Key Ingredients for that First Golden Hour

  • Breakfast. And not just coffee and a piece of toast. Please. I mean, if that works for you, go for it. For myself, I need some heavy-duty protein (and coffee)—otherwise, I spend the rest of the day overcompensating. How about you?
  • Blessed silence. We all need time just to hear ourselves think. You might also include some combination of prayer, inspirational reading, writing in a journal, writing affirmations (corny, yet helpful), or just enjoying your coffee. Naturally, it doesn't have to be the same routine every day.
  • Breathing consciously. A few deep breaths first thing in the morning can remind you to breathe deeply throughout the day—during a long meeting, for example, or while on hold with the cable company.
Bottom line: Make your morning routine as unique as you are. Let it serve you. Your chosen routine won't eliminate the day's demands—but it will give you the best possible foundation to meet those demands with confidence and a smile.

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