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Could Your Motivation Use a Boost?

I don't know about you, but I've always found "resolutions" sort of heavy—like practicing piano scales or going in for a root canal. So I came up with 5 Ultimate Reminders to help us all boost our motivation without the pressure.

Rethink "resolutions."
If you want more motivation, try trading resolutions for something lighter: Goals. Habits. Decisions. Dreams. Something that gets you fired up just thinking about it.

Figure out what fires you up.
The key word is you. We're always motivated when there's something we want, whether it's a vacation, a degree, or righting a wrong—even a silly one. What is it you can't not do? There's your motivation.

Aim high, but start small.
Starting small means narrowing your focus. It means breaking down big goals into small steps. That's the part I think most of us are missing. If we want more motivation, we've got to build in lots of small steps, lots of little successes. An occasional high-five wouldn't hurt either.

Use negativity to your advantage.
Use negativity to lift yourself up, not beat yourself up. We all have faults, we all have setbacks. The question is, do we let them derail us or do we let them inspire us? It really is our choice.

Raise the bar when those around you lower it.
I've always thought we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than anyone else. So when my fitness watch hinted almost sarcastically that I should lower my daily performance goal, instead I raised it. Ha! It was just the jolt I needed. Lesson learned: You want to reignite your spark? Aim higher, not lower.

What's one way this week you could put these reminders into practice?

Raise the bar when those around you lower it.

Gina DeLapa

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