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Hold Your Head High Through the Storm

Do you see yourself weaving the tapestry of your life — or do you see yourself being woven? Even with faith in a benevolent God, I find it much harder to accept when I am not in control (i.e., being woven) than to exercise the control that is mine.

Exercising control is easy — most of us have been doing it since the age of two. But accepting when we're not in control is hard. And scary. It means acknowledging that some mysteries are bigger than we are, and we don't begin to have all the answers. It can mean getting knocked to our knees.

And yet we dare to hope. We dare to get up and keep going, determined to do our part to make our life's tapestry beautiful. We do this in the simplest of ways: our smile, the work we do, and all the little kindnesses we show to those around us. How hard is it, for example, to use a turn signal?

The picture on the left represents how our lives can look in times of trial: ragged, bumpy, utterly chaotic. Yet how often after passing through life's smaller storms do we look back and see not the ragged image on the left, but the modest work of art depicted on the right? (This, by the way, is the sweater I knitted back in the summer of '89.)

May what is true in the smaller storms prove true one day in our hurricanes — that they served a purpose we can't now begin to fathom, and even if they were anything but good, that unimaginable good came out of them. Until then, let us exercise the control we do have. Let us dare to make something beautiful with our lives, starting with this brand new week.

"God gives us hope in a way that no human agent can. Among humans, Murphy's Law operates: Anything that can go wrong will. But at the divine level, there is another, opposite law: Anything that should be set right sooner or later will."

– Rabbi Harold Kushner

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