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How to Make This Fourth Quarter Your Best

You will remember 2018 not by how it began but by how it ended. So I encourage you to finish this year as strong as possible—because you can. Because the gift of your life deserves no less.

You can make this fourth and final quarter your best—one day at a time, one decision at a time. It starts with a goal or intention.

What does 'best' mean to you?

Key phrase here is to you. It is all too easy to chase after goals that look good or sound good but spark no joy. As I've said before, we were made for joy.

If it helps, block out thirty minutes this week to discern. What would give you the greatest sense of joy, accomplishment, or relief—in your workplace, your personal life, your heart? A few examples of each:

In Your Workplace

  • Resolving a conflict that's draining the team and/or you
  • Challenging your team to reach a hard but worthwhile goal
  • Upgrading technology that has outlived its usefulness
  • Organizing some part of your work life that right now feels out of control

When work is stressful, it's hard to feel at ease even when you're not at work. So by de-stressing your professional life, you almost always see a benefit outside of work as well.

In Your Personal Life

  • Celebrating a milestone with a friend or family member—with a trip, a concert, or some other fun outing
  • Decluttering (for added motivation, take before-and-after photos)
  • Revisiting a New Year's resolution, recommitting while there's still time to make good progress
  • Setting a boundary

Let's add "setting a boundary" to topics for a future Monday-Morning Pep Talk. For now, simply think about how good you will feel to have set one, especially one that's necessary. If others can do it, so can you.

In Your Heart

This one is obviously the most personal of the three. It may also be where the greatest joy and satisfaction come from. A few "heartfelt" possibilities for finishing 2018 strong:

  • Taking stock of what you're thankful for; if you're not sure, think about what you would most hate to lose
  • Practicing generosity; the natural response to gratitude is generosity—of heart, time, money, or all three
  • Making a tough but necessary decision that's going to add to the quality of your life
  • Letting go of a habit that is holding you back, replacing it with something life-giving

Speaking of less-than-lovely habits ... Last Saturday afternoon I was telling the anonymous priest about something I was not happy about (translation: ticked off). He gave me the best advice I had heard all week:

"You've got the rock in your hand. Drop it. Don't throw it."

Bingo. And in case it needs to be said, the rock was only a figure of speech. Still, I have since made a mental note to replace the rock with something more helpful. So far so good. You can do the same with any habit that's holding you back.

Wrapping Up

We are now in the fourth quarter of the year. What will give you the strongest possible finish? Go after it. What you want with all your heart, you'll go after with all your heart.

Finish this year as strong as possible--because you can. Because the gift of your life deserves no less.

Gina DeLapa

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