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It's Not Too Late to Thank Our Vets and Their Families

If you live in the U.S., you can make today more meaningful by honoring our servicemen and women—and their families. As we celebrate Veterans Day, here are five meaningful ways to show your appreciation:

Put yourself in their shoes. Take time today to think about all our troops and their families have endured for us: the long separations. The missed milestones. The unspeakable uncertainty. As you put yourself in their shoes, let your gratitude overflow.

Share the significance of Veterans Day with a young person. That is, someone younger than you. Even a three-year-old knows what freedom is—and wants more of it. Encourage kids to color a flag, draw a picture, write a note, or otherwise thank those who have helped make freedom possible.

Keep the spotlight where it belongs. In the spirit of Veterans Day, let’s all hop on our social networks and build awareness and support—not for ourselves, but for those who have served on our behalf.

Do a good deed anonymously. How often our troops serve and sacrifice (a word that means “to make holy”) in ways that go unnoticed. Why not join their spirit of sacrifice––and do some good today that no one will ever know about? That’s one powerful way we can honor or vets.

Just say thank you. Everyone can do it. To quote a favorite saying, “What comes from the heart reaches the heart.” Reach out today to a veteran you know, and find your own meaningful way to show your appreciation.

Make today more meaningful by honoring our servicemen and women—and their families. Here's how.

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