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"I Love How He Believes in Everyone"

Have you ever had a family story that grew funnier over time? Or maybe just more poignant? If so, you'll appreciate this story all the more.

When my nieces were teenagers, they found it hilarious that their grandfather (my dad) had invested in a rapper. Knowing my dad as I do, I didn't think much of it—until his eightieth birthday, when the whole family gave him a collection of our favorite Dad/Papa stories. None of them set to rap, by the way.

"One of my favorite Papa stories is when he told me that he invested in a rapper named Freeze," wrote my niece Michelle. By now Michelle was twenty-one. She summed up the story with words so simple and kind, I choke up a little just typing them:

"I love how he believes in everyone."

Ever notice how compliments say as much about the giver as they do the receiver? In one heartfelt sentence, Michelle had turned a silly teenage memory into pure gold.

I hadn't really thought about it, but my dad really does believe in everyone—to a fault. Once when he had an employee he clearly should have fired, he gave her a raise instead. A raise and a pickup truck.

Note to self: Don't do that.

But I guess when your whole life changes because someone dared to believe in you, you spend the rest of your life paying it forward—even when you don't realize that's what you're doing.

So now the privilege to pay it forward is mine. Affirming, encouraging, and believing in others is why I created the Ultimate Reminders® book series and brand (and went through hoops to get that puppy trademarked).

It's why I'm honored to have you as a reader/subscriber to Monday-Morning Pep Talk. Finally, believing in others is why I never get tired of telling the true story in this video. May it inspire you to thank those who have made a difference for you—and find meaningful ways to pay it forward.

Ever notice how compliments say as much about the giver as they do the receiver?

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