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Lessons From My Self-Care Saturday

It was one of those Fridays that started early, got scrambled in the middle, and ended with my waking up with the lights on. I love when that happens. Thankfully, the story ended better than it started—and it reinforced a few lessons worth remembering.

Lesson #1: What you do today gets easier tomorrow. Choose wisely.

This is a lesson I've shared on stage, from California to New Jersey. The more we choose wisely, the easier life becomes. I could tell you powerful stories to illustrate this point—some serious, some light. For now, let's keep it light.

Back to my screamingly bright bedroom at 12:30 am. Ever have it where your head felt fused to the pillow? I could barely rouse myself to get up and turn out the lights.

Yet once my feet hit the floor, I managed to get a small second wind. You're already up, I thought. You may as well go through your normal nighttime routine and wake up with life in order.

It took awhile but I did. Even managed to send a coherent text to my brother. By the way, if you don't have a written nighttime routine, I encourage you to make one. It's so much easier to get back on track when you have a track.

What helps you get set for a good night's rest? Put these things on your nighttime list.

Lesson #2: Sometimes you need a day just for you.

Friday found me taking care of a lot of other people, expectedly and unexpectedly—and though I was happy and honored to step up to the plate, afterward my body and mind needed rest.

Which may be why it felt so glorious to sleep in till 7:30 on Saturday and wake up surprisingly refreshed—with a wide-open day to do nothing but get organized. Cleaning house and running to Goodwill never felt so good.

Incidentally, taking yourself to lunch doesn't hurt either. How often do we ignore the treasures in our own town? Shout-out to Lolita's Taco Shop in Kearny Mesa, a family restaurant that alone makes the trip to San Diego worthwhile.

What's your favorite hometown spot—and when was the last time you went there for lunch?

Lesson #3: The "days just for you" deserve to be scheduled in advance.

You have recurring events on your calendar that trigger a need for good old-fashioned recovery time. Are you scheduling it? I am now.

And it doesn't have to be excessive. Try one day every four to six weeks. Just knowing you'll have the downtime you need, when you need it, can make all the difference in your energy and outlook. Long live Self-Care Saturday.

Every now and then we need our own self-care day to fill our wells so we can then help others.

Gina DeLapa

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