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Life Lessons From a Crazy-Busy Month

What if you could take what you've learned in the last thirty days and invest it into this week? Think how much better you would feel, not letting any of that wisdom go to waste. Though my own life lessons are no substitute for yours, the list below can get you started. May you even find an inspiration or two.

Life Lessons From a Crazy-Busy Month

  1. Give me a good night's rest and I can accomplish almost anything. Half the battle is allowing yourself enough time to get ready and start winding down. As you're drifting off to sleep, it also helps to repeat positive thoughts.
  2. Progress, not perfection. This applies whether you're learning a new skill or upgrading an existing one. Celebrate your wins and be patient with yourself. Incidentally, if you need help learning patience, take your broken computer to Best Buy for repair. But I digress.
  3. After a big event, build in downtime. It's the best way I know to prevent "crash and burn"—which is exactly what I did after giving a recent high-stakes speech. Yes, you can snap out of it. But it's better simply to build in recovery time so you don't have to.
  4. There's no substitute for a morning walk outdoors. The days when I do this go much better than the days when I tell myself I've got too much to do. What's your feel-good morning ritual? Kudos to you if you're consistently making time for it.
  5. Any movement is good movement. Who cares if you can't get in a full workout? Just do what you can as often as you can. I've also learned this: Exercise to feel good, not "look" good. The first is fun and reduces stress; the second is drudgery and adds stress.
  6. Assemble your personal board of directors. Whether it's a handyman, a house cleaner, a painter, or a plastic surgeon, you need good people on your team. If you enjoy doing these first three tasks yourself, go for it. But is there something on your to-do list you would rather delegate? If you can, do it.
  7. Delay one or more of your to-dos. There's a time to overcome procrastination and a time to embrace it. When the work piles up, ask yourself, "Does what I'm about to do need to be done now?" If not, what does? One sure way to get more done is to focus on what needs to be done today.

Finally, everyone has their own version of crazy-busy. Meaning, no matter how tempting it is, we can't use being busy as an excuse. We're all busy. One of the best ways to show others respect is to respect their time. That might be the Ultimate Reminder of the Year.

P.S. Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others

A few weeks ago when I took an informal poll, "taking care of yourself while taking care of others" won the most votes for future product/service offering. Still determining the best way to bring this to you. Stay tuned, and thank you for giving your opinion!

Show others respect by respecting their time.

Gina DeLapa

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