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The Day You Say "Enough is Enough"

When you ask yourself “What’s draining my battery?” be prepared for the avalanche of answers—but don't be disheartened. Though the length of your list might surprise you, so will the simplicity of your solutions.

In my case, I had thought all my energy drain was coming from one place. Instead, what poured out was a list of more than fifteen items: everything from lack of consistent sleep to feeling behind on key projects.

Ultimate Reminder #1: Dare to name what's draining you. Only then can you do something constructive about it.

I saw that most of the items on my list had a few common threads: procrastination, indecision, and good old-fashioned clutter.

So without much forethought, I picked up the last item on my list (deciding whether to have my upcoming speech professionally videotaped), set a timer for eight minutes, and just dealt with it.

It took more like fifteen minutes and a flurry of messages with the newly hired videographer. But I now had one less energy leak—and one more reason to knock this speech out of the park.

Where is indecision costing you time and energy? What would happen if you took time today to deal with it?

Emboldened by having cleared one hurdle, I conquered another—one that fell under the category of clutter. Specifically, I removed myself from a handful of mailing lists; the ones that weren’t adding value to my life. In the words of James Veitch, “The Internet gave us access to everything. But it also gave everything access to us.”

Ultimate Reminder #2: Let yourself turn the corner.

As I looked over my shrinking list of energy drains, my eyes fell on the one big item I alluded to earlier—and I finally accepted that it wasn't going to change.

So with a new season on the horizon, I made the executive decision to let it go. I can't tell you what a grace this was.

A few hours later, I noticed my hand, wrist, and forearm, which had been bothering me all summer, felt surprisingly pain-free. "Is that normal?" I asked my acupuncturist. With great compassion she said, "I see it all day long."

Where are you ready to turn the corner? What are you ready to let go? With the start of a new season just a few days away, why not give yourself that gift? You just might be surprised at the peace of heart that awaits you on the other side of that decision.

Where is indecision costing you time and energy? What would happen if you dealt with it today?

Gina DeLapa

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