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Motivation’s True Test

At the risk of oversharing, I have never been all that big on diets. And for better or worse, I have never been all that big. Maybe that's why it jarred me when I stepped on the scale last year and saw that big number. That is not muscle.

When the Trend is Not Your Friend

What do you do when some area of your life isn't going the way you would like? If you're anything like me, you might downplay it at first. Maybe even tread water for a year. But then you start asking yourself the tough questions:

  1. What am I willing to do differently?
  2. What am I not willing to do?
  3. Is it worth it?

Once you have your answers, your goal or intended change becomes more doable. For example, once I determined I was not willing to starve, obsess, or annoy my loved ones, I felt ready and willing to do whatever else it took.

What Would You Like to Become?

For example, maybe you want to become more confident at work, or more loving at home. Or maybe you just want to be more self-accepting. For myself, I'd like to become more disciplined. I'd like to get the trend working for me.

And let's face it, we all feel better when our clothes fit. Toward that end, I've spent the last ten days ...

  • Acknowledging that previous efforts weren’t nearly enough
  • Setting specific benchmarks (food, water, exercise) and getting creative about meeting them
  • Using the app I had long resisted (MyFitnessPal ... it's actually pretty fun)
  • Paying more attention to how certain foods affect sleep and energy

And yes, doing all of this without annoying friends and family. And while ten days is hardly an adequate test, I've had more success by far with this approach than a year of dabbling.

What Could You Accomplish With Ten Days' Effort?

It doesn't have to be anything staggering. Maybe you would just like less stress in the mornings. Are you willing to do some things differently? This is motivation's true test.

The rewards are worth it, setbacks are part of it, and getting back on track feels wonderful. Best of all, you may find the momentum you gain in ten days' time is far too good to ever give up.

The rewards are worth it, setbacks are part of it, and getting back on track feels wonderful.

Gina DeLapa

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