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One Simple Cure for Crisis Management

Have you ever met someone who was so constantly wired they could make coffee nervous? When you're around them, it's like you need a little something to calm yourself.

You probably can't change these folks, but you can model different behavior—which at the very least will make you feel better. It also doesn't hurt to come right out and say in a friendly way, "This is not ER!" Unless, of course, it is.

We've all been known to make life more intense or urgent than it really is. Often we do this without even noticing. Here's a simple technique to reverse that tendency and breathe easier on a daily basis:

Tonight when you get home, give yourself a full fifteen minutes to settle in. Set a timer. You need that time to put away your stuff, grab a drink of water, change your clothes, or do whatever else makes you feel right with the world.

(If necessary, give your loved ones fair warning so they don't take it personally.)

What makes this habit powerful? For one thing, it reminds you to take regular breaks—a surefire way to be more productive. Taking those fifteen minutes also challenges the assumption that all of life is an emergency. Better to save your energy for true emergencies.

Finally, this habit reminds us in a non-negotiable format to make our lives enjoyable. Life is supposed to be a gift, after all, not just the least possible drag. Starting tonight, give yourself the gift of fifteen minutes.

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