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Soak Up This Summer Like the Gift That It Is

Have you ever found yourself in a great mood for no particular reason? I woke up on Saturday, savoring good memories of the week just past and eagerly anticipating a wide-open weekend.

By the time I downed my morning coffee, I felt like Tony Robbins. All of this exuberance inspired me to think about summer—and how I wanted this one to be better than last (hint: Don't wait till Labor Day weekend to take a vacation).

So now I'll pose to you the same questions I've been pondering for myself:

  • What will make your summer priceless and fun?
  • What are the little things you want to take time for? As an example, I can hardly wait to have morning coffee on the deck with my mom.
  • What are the big things already on your schedule? (We're getting three new family members! Two by marriage, one by birth.)
  • How much time will you take off? Is it scheduled yet?
  • How can you use your vacation time creatively (e.g., taking Friday afternoons off, which still leaves the mornings to wrap up loose ends)?
Last but not least, what are you willing to say no to in order to make this a great summer? Among other things, I'm determined to say no to overscheduling—or more precisely, to being overscheduled.

How about you? Take whatever threatens your good summer mood, and as best you can, put a little fence around it. Maybe a big one. Then go enjoy this summer as though it was created just for you—in many ways, it was.

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