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Do You Sometimes Beat Yourself Up? Try This Instead

It took a late-night Chicago dog and a good night’s rest for me to reach this conclusion, but here it is: Beating yourself up is overrated.

What does beating yourself up look like?

  • Cutting yourself no slack, instead of (to use the Ken Blanchard phrase) catching yourself doing something right
  • Marinating in past disappointments, instead of using them to shape future decisions
  • Labeling yourself in ways you would never do with a friend

Where could you stand to lighten up on yourself?

Maybe it's with your health habits, your work performance, or your family relationships. Think of how all those areas would benefit if you took a more balanced approach—neither heaping coals nor throwing all caution to the wind.

Incidentally, the morning after the hot dog, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I got right back on track with a protein smoothie. No regrets.

The point is, if you’re going to be an agent of hope, you’ve got to throw a little grace and mercy in your own direction. Look for more about that in a future Pep Talk.

Where could you stand to lighten up on yourself? How can you take a more balanced approach?

Gina DeLapa

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