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Temporary Hiatus + Note of Thanks

If you saw my post Learning to Say Goodbye Without Embarrassing Myself, you'll know why it's tough to say farewell—even temporarily. But after today I'll be taking a break from Monday-Morning Pep Talk. Planning to be back by or before Labor Day.

This will give me time to launch my new website and rebrand my business in ways I'm excited about. Like you perhaps, I am also looking forward to summer visits with friends & family.

Stephen Covey and "seasonal imbalance"

Covey gave the example of his daughter feeling frustrated after the birth of her child. Why? Because she was trying to maintain all the other projects on her plate. He advised her instead to enjoy the baby and embrace the fact that her life was going to be out of balance for a time.

You may be in a similar season—not necessarily because of childbirth, but because of another milestone/life chapter, one that needs your attention.

Example: I know several people whose kids are graduating from high school and heading off to college in the fall. Talk about sacred time. Enjoy it—even if it means saying no to other things, because it probably will.

The point is, your schedule needs and deserves a little space—some breathing room to handle the unexpected.

Good or bad, the unexpected happens. What's one step you can take today to get ready and stay ready?

Heartfelt note of thanks...

I probably don't say this often enough, so I'll say it now: I love the privilege of starting my week with you. It's an honor to share part of my life—and to have you share part of your life with me; i.e., when you write.

We have listened to each other's stories, learned to honor our differences, and traded joys and struggles. How I treasure that gift. Thank you for all the ways you make it possible—whether by writing or simply reading.

We'll meet again. In the meantime, please keep being you.

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