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The Life-Changing Power of Decisiveness

Have you ever set out to do a good deed that sort of backfired? I had this happen last week on my way to give blood. I can handle the paperwork, the stab in the finger, the jab in the arm, even multiple jabs.

But spare me the traffic on the 805. For no good reason, it was c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g...

By the time I finally pulled in, my blood was boiling and I was all but craving cigarettes. (I don't smoke...I'm not tough enough.)

Was it worth it? Yes. Especially since my blood has a rare quality that makes it suitable for babies.

"Anything for them kids."
— gravelly-voiced stranger at a storefront fundraiser

But by the next morning I was all too glad to cross that donation center off my list. Turns out there's another one closer to home. Who cares if I have to bring my own donuts? Thankfully, they carry my brand at the Von's next door.

This is obviously a minor example, but one that illustrates a larger point: In matters great and small, decisiveness is key. Over time, it's the key to less stress, more self-confidence, and bigger smiles.

My guess is your own experience proves this. Think about a time you made a tough yet necessary decision—to leave a particular job, for example, or hang in there. Maybe you resolved to put family ahead of career.

If you're anything like me, your decision left you feeling happy and relieved. Even if it hurt, you still knew on some level it was the right move.

I experienced this in college. Toward the end of sophomore year, I figured out Northwestern University wasn't for me. So on a beautiful spring afternoon, I called my parents to share the good news: I was transferring to Michigan State.

Color me thankful-every-day.

What's one decision you could make this week that would make you happier, less stressed, or just plain relieved? It doesn't have to be something staggering. It just has to be something that matters to you.

P.S. Off the grid this Pep Talk will be May 6

Meantime, guess who's in the MSU Alumni Magazine? Thankful for the privilege and especially for those who read the article and signed up!

What's one decision you could make this week that would make you happier, less stressed, or more grateful?

Gina DeLapa

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