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You Know It's a Great Vacation When...

If you're at all like me, you might not know how much you need a vacation until you take one.

Somewhat spur of the moment, I booked six days in Michigan so I could be there to celebrate my great-nephew Leo’s birthday. Pure bliss.

Even if your family (like mine) isn't perfect, there are times when being with them really hits the spot.

Throw in perfect weather, a couple of visits with friends and good old-fashioned downtime, and you've got the makings of a great vacation. My friend Ginna calls this process "smoothing out."

9 More Signs Your Vacation Was Superb

  1. Your flight home gets delayed several times (in my case, six) and instead of getting upset, you just smile and deal with it.
  2. You give yourself a day at home to settle in before diving back into emails and all the rest.
  3. You eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're tired, and otherwise tune in to your internal clock.
  4. Makeup is optional.
  5. You purposely don't fill every hour.
  6. You find yourself being spontaneous, when spontaneity isn't normally your style. Michigan, as you may already know, has plenty of beautiful resort towns that are perfect for a day trip.
  7. You notice you're thinking more clearly. Little things don't seem like such a big deal. Even big things start getting easier to handle.
  8. You come back able and determined to keep the good "vacation" spirits going.
  9. You start planning your next getaway so you have it to look forward to.
A Good Sentence Stem: "You know it's a great vacation when …”

Take some time this week to come up with answers from your own view. Let your list inspire you to make your time off count—and make it a better week!

P.S. If you do decide to plan your own vacation, check out my Stress Free Travel Etiquette Ideas interview I had recently. You may notice I am not wearing my glasses. It turns out my lenses don't play well with TV cameras. So now I take them off when I'm on the air. Hope you enjoy the video!

9 More Signs Your Vacation Was Superb: Makeup is optional.

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