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I Forgive You, Sister Cell Phone

nun sister on cell phoneYou know you've reached middle age when you start shushing your elders in church. I reached that point years ago, and I reached it again the other night, just before Mass.

I don't know that she was a nun, or a sister, but she had on a white veil—a sign of piety if there ever was one. And she was talking on her cell phone. From her pew! Not the hush-hush conversation of a soul about to meet its Maker. No. It was more like, "Did I tell ya?"

So I walked very close to her (maybe five feet away), stood there, and smiled. I wanted to give her the stink-eye. She looked up at me and kept talking. I let it go.

Call it years of etiquette training, but it just wasn't okay. If we don't draw the line at yammering on our phones in the holiest of places, where do we draw it? Or have we as a society gotten so loose that we've cast away the line completely, essentially placing ourselves at the center of the universe? Yeah, there's a recipe for world peace.

Incidentally, I turned around at the sign of peace to give the cell-phone lady a real smile. She didn't see me, but at least I knew I had offered. And at least she wasn't talking on her phone.

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