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Every Day a Great One—A Simple Checklist

At the risk of sounding like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons, I really do think nearly every day can be great. Why not? Why not make it the goal?

Along those lines, have you ever taken time to define your ideal day? Once during an office activity where our boss posed this challenge to my co-workers and me, I realized for the first time how blissfully ordinary an ideal day can be.

What's in Your Ideal Day?

Though your definition will be as unique as you are, it helps to sit down and make a list of what would make each day feel good and worth repeating. A few ideas to stir your thinking:

  • Waking up well rested—without the need for an alarm
  • That first hour of the day reserved just for you
  • Contributing something meaningful to the world, whether it's through a beautiful garden, a beloved pet, another person, or an organization
  • Laughter ("carbonated holiness," as Anne Lamott would say)
  • Eliminating a hassle; for example, cleaning up your desk, cleaning up a list of decisions, or simply replacing that pen that always leaks
  • Finding new things to be thankful for, or simply renewing your thanks for what you already have
  • Learning something new; for example, have you seen the free list app called Wunderlist? Though it's hardly new, it was new to me when I discovered it a week or two ago. I've been using it ever since.

What's on your list? Take time this week to write it down, and as best you can, live it every day of the year. #

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