Ultimate Reminders® for College Students

Ultimate Reminders®for College Students

These phrases, suggestions, bits of advice are at once entertaining and thought provoking and each one could bring a little `aha' moment as you read and enjoy them...

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About the Book

You have the power to make your college years amazing—when you know what to expect and how to set yourself up for success. This book will help you do just that. It'll even make you laugh. A sneak peek at what you'll get:

  • The 18-point quiz, "Are You Ready for College?" – the perfect way to gain a quick reality check, along with what you need to get ready
  • Anatomy of a Winning Game Plan (p. 18)
  • How to Say No Without Guilt (p. 30)
  • 10 Things Not to Say to Your Professor (p. 59)
  • Career or Calling? (p. 129)
  • Expanded section on internships
  • And of course the tragically hilarious story of how I nearly flunked Highlights of Astronomy (p. 74), which never gets old!

From choosing a major (there's a whole section on this) to knowing when to ditch your roommate (#195), ULTIMATE REMINDERS® FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS is your handbook to success, both on campus and in the wider world.

Some of these insights are serious (#33), some of them are funny (#283), and some are random yet relevant—and laugh-out-loud hilarious (#340). All of them are meant to show you up front what you'll wish you had known in hindsight.

A look at what’s inside

Make your mark. You've come too far to settle, or to live out someone else's dreams. (#27)

Don't say you want to work at SeaWorld because it would be "fun." If you want fun, buy a ticket ... (#244)

Listen to those who love you the most. (#277)

What people are saying

“... beneficial to share with a student getting ready to step out on their own.”


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