Ultimate Reminders® ... for Everyday Life

Ultimate Reminders®... for Everyday Life

Everyone should read this book… DeLapa has a wicked, witty sense of humor ... she doesn't waste time preaching or condemning…

Start each week with a smile!

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About the Book

Your life matters.

Make it a work of art.

This book was previously titled Stuff You Already Know: And Everybody Should. But this new version is greatly enhanced. Check it out. You might just love it!

Part pep talk, part reflection, part friendly kick in the rear, ULTIMATE REMINDERS® FOR EVERYDAY LIFE gives you 437 ways to make your life count, from doing the right thing (#256) to setting boundaries (#332) to relating to people half your age (#369).

From precocious middle schoolers to savvy grandparents, whether you're climbing the career ladder or living out your legacy years, ULTIMATE REMINDERS® FOR EVERYDAY LIFE is sure to spark laughter, conversation, contemplation and bold new action. Makes the perfect gift!

A look at what’s inside

Count your blessings. The more you count, the more you will find. (#99)

Limit your exposure to those who are constantly disapproving, even mildly so. (#173)

Never give your wife a gift from the drugstore -- or the airport. (#9)

What people are saying

“Gina DeLapa has written a very helpful book filled with advice for real life ... like a chat with a best friend ... will make you laugh out loud due to the surprise factor.”


“... a manners guide for the 21st century, but not remotely fussy. Just tips and tricks to help you get the most out of life and how to make decisions on sticky situations.”


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