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Would you like to hire a speaker who engages your audience, shares stories that inspire, and gets the whole room to laugh?

Gina DeLapa, America’s Ultimate Reminders® Coach and creator of the Ultimate Reminders® book series, has delighted audiences all over the U.S., from new college hires on Wall Street to engineers on the West Coast.

Gina DeLapa's unique background includes ...

  • Extensive coaching under Craig Valentine, the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Inspiring groups and individuals to find and fulfill their life's calling—with more energy and self-care than they thought possible
  • Being raised in an entrepreneurial family, where her parents put her to work starting at age ten (ask her if she still remembers earning 50 cents an hour)
  • A keen sense, developed over a lifetime, of what employers expect from employees and what employees want most from their employers
  • Serving as a bridge between millennial-generation job/internship candidates ("What if I get two offers at once?") and their weary, would-be employers ("These kids need to stop acting so entitled!")
  • A master's degree in counseling with an emphasis in career development (University of San Diego), which led to a full-time university career-counseling role
  • Six years of serving as an adjunct faculty member at the University of San Diego, where her dedication to faculty objectives and student success earned her consistently top marks

Have a topic in mind that's not on this list? Call us. Let's hear your objectives and see how Gina DeLapa can bring your next meeting to life!

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