As the creator of the Ultimate Reminders® brand and book series, I’ve had the privilege of delighting event planners and audiences from coast to coast.

The reason I get hired and rehired is simple: I work with you (the event planner) to meet and exceed your every expectation. Your objectives become my objectives.

Long before your event begins, you and I work together to identify how you would like your audience to think and feel, and what you would like them to do differently (or do more of) as a result of my speech. But the speech is only the beginning.

Turning Speeches Into an Experience

As I’m sure you know from your own experience, your audience wants to be heard, too. Which means you can count on me to build interaction and reflection into every speech I give—including and especially the one for your event.

Through humor, original stories, and good old-fashioned authenticity, I not only bring your objectives to life—I give your audience opportunities to think and reflect on what they are learning.

And because I have a rich background in business, career-counseling, and graduate-level teaching, I connect readily and easily with audiences of all levels—from college interns to CEOs.

What about when the speech is over?

Glad you asked! Once the speech is over, I am happy to stick around and interact with your audience members one on one. Again, your audience wants to be heard too.

As you can imagine, many people who would never raise their hands during a Q&A will gladly come up to me afterward with a question, a key takeaway from my speech, or just something weighing on their heart. I am happy to take in all three.

If you would like, we can even set up a book-signing table where I can shake your audience’s hands, sign and personalize books, and exchange smiles with each and every audience member—all in the spirit of making your event memorable, meaningful, and fun.

P.S. Could you use a little support after the event?

I’m happy to schedule a free 30-minute consultation by phone or email to one designated person at your organization. Offer good for up to 30 days after your event.

Working with Gina: What to Expect

Once we receive your initial inquiry here's what you can expect:

  1. A prompt, professional response during normal business hours
  2. One or more phone consultations with Gina DeLapa to help clarify your expectations and objectives
  3. A written questionnaire to summarize the details of your event, gain further knowledge of your audience, and crystalize your objectives for Gina's presentation
  4. The opportunity to give each of your participants a copy of Gina's book Thriving at Work or other titles at highly favorable rates (and FREE shipping)
  5. A simple speaking agreement (signed by both parties) to lock in the engagement
  6. Optional: An announcement of your event on my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  7. The opportunity for each of your participants to receive Gina's highly acclaimed FREE Monday-Morning Pep Talk as a way to stay energized and inspiredThriving at Work
  8. Arrival at your venue one hour or more before the presentation—this time is needed to ensure a smooth, on-time start
  9. An engaging presentation that meets/exceeds your objectives, thereby helping turn your event into a meaningful, memorable experience
  10. The opportunity, immediately following Gina’s speech, for an author meet-and-greet and book-signing
  11. A quick follow-up after the event to listen to your feedback and thank you for your invitation
  12. Optional: A free 30-minute consultation by phone or email with the contact person of your choice. Offer good for the first 30 days after your event.

Most Requested Topics

Taking Better Care of YOU, Guilt-Free

Imagine if every member of your organization came to work each day full of joy, energy, and purpose. What would happen to employee engagement, innovation, productivity and morale? All of these benefits begin with better self-care. Sneak peek at the tools you and your team will pick up: Why self-care isn't selfish. Self-care's ultimate litmus test. Free tool you can use anytime, anywhere to get unstuck and moving forward. The self-care pledge, suitable for display as a reminder of your strengthened commitment.

Best Foot Forward: A Friendly Refresher on Confidence and Professionalism

Good communicators not only gain confidence, they inspire confidence in those around them. In this upbeat, interactive session, you and your team will gain a common set of tools for better communication (both verbal and nonverbal), knowing how and when to say no, and diffusing drama so everyone can get back to work.

Real-World Etiquette for New College Hires

As a manager, have you ever felt frustrated that your new college hires, despite being bright and well-educated, didn't always know how to conduct themselves like professionals? This lack of professionalism can diminish employee engagement, reduce employee retention rates, stall careers, and sabotage client relationships. Both managers and new hires see a reduction in stress when all employees receive the same information and are held to the same standards. As a former university instructor and career counselor, Gina knows how to make the learning meaningful, respectful, and fun.

Making a Meaningful Difference at Work

To make a meaningful difference, you don't have to move to Calcutta. You don't have to become a doctor or social worker. In fact, you don't need any particular degree or title. All you have to do is be an agent of hope--right where you are. Using her usual brand of humor, audience engagement, and practicality, Gina DeLapa will lead your audience on a meaningful, memorable journey to show how each person's contribution matters--every single day.

Finding and Fulfilling Your Life Mission

Have you ever heard the expression, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up”? It's often said tongue-in-cheek, but there’s a great deal of truth to it—and often a touch of sadness. By the time your audience participates in this talk, they will have left that statement behind for good. And, they'll have the 5 Gs to Greatness when it comes to finding and fulfilling their unique calling. (In addition to having a background in career counseling, Gina DeLapa had the privilege of studying under Richard Nelson Bolles, author of the famed job-hunter's manual, What Color Is Your Parachute?)

Read What Others Are Saying

“Boy, did you ever shine at UC! Your stories and your authenticity really resonated with our students and I continue to hear positive feedback from the teachers and counselor who know them best. The added gift of books for our seniors, faculty and staff is keeping the buzz going in the hallways!”

Susan Dyckman Union Catholic Regional High School
Scotch Plains, NJ

“A great presenter that is very open to pre-presentation input. She is engaging, entertaining, and easily grabs the attention of the audience. Would definitely bring (her) back again.”

Roger Wagner, president Victor Valley Community College

“This was the BEST seminar I have been to at Rady since joining the program over a year ago. I would highly recommend bringing this speaker back every quarter or year.”

MBA student, Rady School of Management University of California, San Diego

“I would not hesitate bringing Gina back to give another seminar at rady, based on her expertise and our students' endorsements.”

Starr M. Culver, Graduate Student Services Coordinator, Rady School of Management University of California, San Diego

“It was fantastic to work with Gina for our conference! She was attentive to our conference theme, and tailored her message to be appropriate for our industry and our conference attendees. Her stories and lessons were relatable and her book was the cherry on top to the session being a success! It was personal, it was professional, it was just what we needed and we were thankful to share the time with Gina!”

Dani O'Rourke California Association of College Stores

“Thanks so much for presenting at the Excellence Series. I heard comments right away about your expertise and humor! You're the best!”

Dottie Barnes, News and Information Services Grand Valley State University