Ultimate Reminders® wants to help you strengthen ties to your community. Our flexible and affordable sponsorship program lets you put a copy of the ULTIMATE REMINDERS® book series into the hands of clients, potential clients, students and their families. Read on for a partial list of those who have already participated in this unique opportunity.

La Jolla Writer's Conference

For over 15 years, the La Jolla Writers Conference has provided attendees with intimate, personalized, expert advice on the art, craft, and business of writing. In 2013, the LJWC was honored to feature conference alumni Gina DeLapa’s first book in the Ultimate Reminders® series. The conference looks forward to supporting Gina and everyone in the LJWC family with their writing and publishing endeavors.

Koval Building Supply

Steve and Jackie Koval, owners of Koval Building & Plumbing Supply, purchased and donated 50 books to Morgantown (West Virginia) High School, just in time for 2015 graduation. Thank you, Steve and Jackie, for supporting Gina's work, and more importantly, for making such a thoughtful investment in your community!

Mattress to Go

Jeff Scheuer, owner of Mattress to Go (America's home of Beducation®), has supported Ultimate Reminders® on social media, bought copies Gina's books, left glowing and thoughtful reviews on Amazon, and purchased (signed) copies for his three stepchildren. Thank you, Jeff, for all the ways you've engaged with the Ultimate Reminders® brand, and even more for your friendship!

Benny's Boot Hill

In the spring of 2015, Joe and Pam Pinti, owners of Benny's Boot Hill and Mountaineer Grille, purchased and donated 50 copies of Gina's college book to Bridgeport (West Virginia) High School. Joe and Pam, thank you for all you do to support your lovely community. Incidentally, here's a heartwarming story about Joe and his twin brother Jon, and how they've carried on the family tradition of business ownership and giving back to the community.